Kotsonis – Gaitanaki Law Firm

Case overview

Kotsonis-Gaitanaki Law Firm, provides highly specialized legal services focusing its action on the business activity of their clients. Based in Corinth, Kotsonis-Gaitanaki Law Firm serves clients in the regions of Peloponnese, Western Greece, Attica, the island of Kefalonia, and the island of Zakynthos, where they have a constant presence since the year 2013.

In this project we embarked on the creation of a brand-new website for the law firm, closely aligning our efforts with the designer’s blueprints. Together, we aimed to craft a visually appealing platform that showcased the law firm’s legal services and specialties.


The Brief

Our primary objective was to convey the firm’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. Our aim was to construct a modern, user-friendly platform for individuals seeking legal guidance and information. This endeavor involved a close partnership with the designer to seamlessly merge style and functionality.

Our Approach

The development of the law firm’s website revolved around embracing the unique dimensions of the legal sector, encompassing various fields of expertise and services. Collaborating closely with the designer, we harmoniously blended cutting-edge web development with a keen design sensibility. This collaboration resulted in a user-friendly website, offering comprehensive legal information and easily accessible contact options. The website was further fine-tuned for optimized speed and performance, delivering an exceptional user experience.

The Results

The new Kotsonis-Gaitanaki Law Firm website is tailored to the client’s needs, offering easy navigation and a mobile-friendly design. Site visitors can find legal information quickly, presented in a clear and visually appealing manner. The website streamlines the process of connecting with the firm, simplifying the journey for potential clients in need of legal support.

Our client now boasts a website that authentically represents their legal practice, reinforcing their presence in the competitive legal services market.