Viatzo Villas

Case overview

Viatzo Villas” is a complex of eclectic stone villas in the heart of Zakynthos island, that epitomizes tranquility and relaxation. Consisting of 3 traditional stone villas, it combines luxury with refined aesthetics to offer guests the ultimate vacation experience.

Our work involved the development and hosting of “Viatzo Villas” website featuring a state-of-the-art booking system.

The Brief

Our aim was to capture the warm welcome and attention to detail that distinguish the accommodation experience throughout the entire site and develop a modern, responsive website that simplifies visitors’ booking experience.

Our Approach

The development of the website for the “Viatzo Villas” was based on the unique characteristics of the business.

Our approach blended cutting-edge web development with a keen eye for design. We began by crafting a visually appealing, intuitive user interface, ensuring potential guests could easily explore the stunning villas. Behind the scenes, we implemented a robust booking system that seamlessly handled reservations, availability, and payments. The website was optimized for speed and performance to provide an exceptional user experience.

The Results

The new Viatzo Villas website is tailored to the client’s needs, user-friendly for navigation – responsive & mobile-friendly.

From the first interaction with the Viatzo Villas website, visitors can access all the necessary information in a direct, comprehensible and visually appealing way.

The new user-friendly booking system simplifies the booking process for customers and facilitates management by the owner.

Our client now enjoys a website that not only represents their brand but also fuels its growth in the competitive villa rental market.